Kitchen Table conversations

Kitchen Table Conversations (KTCs) are more than just talk. They are conversations connecting locals about things that matter to them in a safe and comfortable environment. KTCs have been described as a great forum for talking about different issues and are considered by all who have attended an enjoyable experience.

Who are Kitchen Table Conversations designed for?

KTCs are designed for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you hold strong political views or none at all. We welcome all people to come along and have their ideas, opinions and concerns heard and valued. The greater the diversity the more we learn from each other.

What exactly are KTCs?

Despite the name these gatherings can be held wherever a small group of people can be accommodated. To date KTCs have been held in a variety of homes, parks, cafes, a pub and after hours in a health food shop. They meet around a table or wherever is easiest for them. The only provisos are the place needs to be quiet enough for everyone to be heard easily and consumption of alcohol should be limited. We want to hear from more residents right across the Riverina federal electorate.

How do they work?

The conversations are designed to provide an insight into a wide range of opinions in the community. Each conversation includes the host, a facilitator and a note taker plus four to six community members. There are a few ground rules, including that everyone is entitled to have a say and have their contributions respected. There are no right or wrong answers and all views are heard equally.

These conversations are simple and powerful, hosts invite small groups to have conversations based on core themes: what we enjoy about living in the Riverina, what we think is good political representation and engagement and the issues we see as important both within and beyond the Riverina federal electorate that our local member should be addressing. Participants might be friends, neighbours, family, work colleagues or people the host knows from community networks.

The conversations last for approximately one and a half hours and the facilitator asks a series of set questions based on the themes mentioned above and ensures that everyone has an opportunity to share their views. The note taker or scribe creates a summary of the conversation, all responses are de-identified and anonymous.

The results of the conversations will be summarised into a report by mid 2021 and shared with the community, politicians and other interested parties.

Voices 4 Riverina acknowledge The Victorian Women's Trust, Voices for Indi and Voices of Warringah in creating and refining the Kitchen Table Conversation model

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